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An Alternative to the Health and Dental Care Crisis in America!

Posted on August 16, 2018 in Uncategorized

A truly top concern of Americans today is the health and dental crisis we all face in getting appropriate care for these issues at affordable prices. Because of  the medical and dental costs increasing at three times the rate of inflation, insurance companies are escalating their prices out of the reach of the average middle income family and individual! 

As reported during this 2008 presidential campaign, 47 million Americans don’t have any form of health and major medical plans. Another less advertised statistic is another 50 million people on top of this, do not have any form of dental plan. We are confident those figures are growing daily! Imagine the millions that simply can not pay the monthly payments and the millions of others that are unable to get a plan because of ongoing health conditions. 

Some of the side effects of this crisis are showing up in a variety of ways and certainly adding to the negative effect on our economy. Half of all bankruptcies are caused by medical expenses. Half of all childrens emergency room visits in Florida are a result of painful dental problems or absesses! Can you also imagine that many people put off the solution to their health or dental problems, until the cost of the cure becomes dramatically expensive, when the preventive action may have been minor?   

Consumer driven health and dental care has been in existence since the early 1990’s. These plans generally require a fraction of the monthly payment as compared to traditional health, major medical, and dental plans. And they have the potential of saving thousands for their clients because of negotiated discounts with medical and dental professionals and varied other services. Some of the additional services added in recent years include vision care savings, prescription, chiropractic, auto club, legal and identity theft services.

As a result of these tough economic conditions, many people are looking for a way to moderate their monthly costs for risk management. Gasoline costs have certainly brought to the forefront the need for lower monthly payments for health, major medical, and dental plan payments. There are numerous examples of many Americans saving large sums of money that far outweigh the monthly expense of these consumer driven health, major medical, and dental plans without the outlay of $300.00 to $1,000.00 per month on traditional insurance plans! Checking out this alternative could make a significant difference and a real peace of mind for you and your family!